All kind of stuff I found useful
Last Updated - 02.01.2018

Painting Learning

PS Extra Tools

  • PureRef

    Practical little software to manage and display your references images over anything

  • Sergey Kritskiy PS tools

    Useful custom tools & Script for Photoshop

  • Painters Wheel

    Alternative color wheel for Photoshop by Len White

  • Lazy Nezumi

    Add-on able to help with jiggling lines

  • AutoHotKey

    Article to get started with using Autohotkey for photoshop. AHK requires a bit of learning but enabled me to remap hotkeys to an external numpad for a more natural & faster workflow in photoshop. It could be used with other softwares too.

PS brushes

Drawing references

  • Sketch Daily

    A collection of pictures for figure drawing with a timer for those of us who don't have models readily available at home

  • Line of action's figure drawing tool

    Another figure drawing site

  • New Masters Academy's [YT]

    There you will find many figure drawing timed videos for you to practice on and a bunch of lessons

  • Posemaniacs

    Figure drawing tool using 3d models. The + is that you can find a lot of crazy unusual angles to get a better grasp of the figure in 3d

Web design ressources

  • Sublime text

    A very nice text editor for coding

  • Bootstrap

    Very popular responsive web framework (used here)

  • Scrolling Nav template

    This is the very specific basic theme used on this site

  • Slick

    A carousel with a lot of available options.

  • Scrollify

    Jquery add-on to snap sections when scrolling.

  • Icons 8

    A place where you can find icons to fit your needs

  • Font Awesome

    Some more icons, in a web font format

  • Google Fonts

    Font library to include in any website

  • Sky Fonts

    Makes google fonts available locally on your computer for design purposes.


    Animated preloaders that can be customized and download in multiple formats.

Photo references

  • Pinterest

    Do I really need to present pinterest ?

  • Morguefile

    A place where one can find a ton of royalty free pictures for reference or bashing use

  • Pixabay

    Another place where one can find a ton of royalty free pictures for reference or bashing use

  • Textures

    All kind of textures for 3d & 2d use

  • Photobash

    Well composed photo references packs

Music learning

  • 8 bit theory [YT]

    A youtube channel where you can find pertinent analysis of video game musics allowing for a better comprehension of music theory

  • Jjay Berthume

    Harmonic master, orchestration know-it-all, top-notch composer, youtube instructor

  • Levy Clay [YT]

    Youtube channel of a professionnal guitar transcriber, power user of Transcribe and Guitar Pro

  • Chords for P4 tuning on guitar

    For anyone curious about tuning its guitar in all fourth, here are the new chord shapes you need

  • Jens Larsen [YT]

    A jazz teacher playing the electric guitar

  • Jazz Duets [YT]

    A jazz channel that isn't guitar-centric.

3d learning

  • Maya Help

    "The Maya Help is your primary guide for using Autodesk Maya". Just as they say.

  • 3ds max Help

    In all logic, it is the primary guide for using Autodesk 3ds max

  • Vray tips on Visual Wonder Art club

    Vray tips and general tips to speed up renderings and such

  • Arrimus 3D [YT]

    Youtube channel of a hard surface modeler who knows all the tricks in the book and more in 3ds max

  • Mike Hermes [YT]

    3d tutorials

  • Lesterbanks

    A blog frequently updated with advanced tutorials on a bunch of 3d packages out there. Check out the archives.


  • Animation Island TV

    You'll find a lot of shot analysis from animation, in a frame by frame fashion.


  • Todotxt

    The todo list system I currently use (with GUI). One can hardly make it simpler.

  • RescueTime

    Neat way to track your time. It's kind of brutally honest.